July 30, 2008

New Outlets

I mentioned in my last post that I'd started working on articles for a pair of new print outlets, but didn't want to spill the beans until the first pieces were submitted and ready to rock. Now that such things have occurred, check this out:


That's my first review for the Official Xbox Magazine, which will appear in the October 2008 issue of the magazine. I'm completely thrilled to writing for another print outlet, especially one as established and well-known as this one, and I'm already at work on my next article for them.

I don't have a link for the other one (they don't have an online presence), but I've also started writing for Nintendo Power, which means -- yes -- I'm writing for all three official U.S. console/handheld magazines. My first article is for the Community section of the October 2008 magazine, and I'm currently working on another Community article for the November issue. Check 'em out!

Needless to say, things are going incredibly well professionally right now. Since coming back from E3, I've been working constantly putting together pieces for these and other outlets, and there are no signs of slowing down. I'm also happy to say that I'll start blogging for What They Play any day now, and that I'll be wrapping up my news stint at 1UP at the end of next week. Luckily, I'm still doing a lot of review work for 1UP and anticipate doing more preview stuff for them in the near future, but slicing news from my schedule will allow me a lot more freedom in how I spend my days, and hopefully afford me a bit more free time while not affecting my income flow.

Might be another outlet added to the fray in the near future, but I have no details. One of my editors recommended me to someone who is launching a new project at one of the top gaming sites (that I don't already write for), so we'll see if the opportunity presents itself and I'll update if anything happens.