July 19, 2008

Everything is Alright

I've fallen into a lazy cycle of updating this thing, but I've had many good reasons for it. Here's the latest:

- I moved to Chicago (from the burbs) and got a place with my girlfriend. So far, so awesome.

- I attended E3 this week in Los Angeles and did a ton of work for 1UP during my days there. I paid for the whole trip, but between the 1UP work and what looks to be a bit of follow-up work for What They Play, I think I'll have doubled my investment (which was significant to begin with), so it was a very worthwhile trip. In fact, it was the best business trip I've ever been on -- probably because I wasn't at anyone else's whims. Also, I'm more experienced, more confident, and just generally more comfortable traversing unfamiliar terrain. Also, I got to meet and interact with several more of the 1UP editors I work with via e-mail/IM, so that's always a big plus.

- Within the last two weeks, I've found work at two more major print outlets. I hesitate to really talk about anything in public before I see the work in print, so I won't go on too much about it just yet. But these are very significant boosts to my career, and will allow me some additional leverage in changing up my typical schedule a bit in the coming months, perhaps dropping some of the simpler, daily work to focus more on bigger assignments. Also, I got an Xbox 360 debug a couple weeks back, which helped me score one of those print gigs and will allow me to do additional, more compelling work for my current outlets.

So basically, things are fantastic in all regards.