October 18, 2006

Italian Gaming Project

As you may have read, I went to Italy in July/August with my mother and a bunch of people from school. It was a long, arduous trip, but I made a few friends in the process and can't look back at it as an entirely negative experience. Mostly negative, sure.

Anyway, I had to add one credit to my schedule this semester as part of the obligation for the trip, and we were supposed to come up with a paper and a presentation. However, I had my wisdom teeth removed just before the date of the presentations, so I had to bail (apparently very few people showed anyway). As a make-up, I opted to present my paper in the form of a website, which I set up via another blog here on Blogger:


I won't be making any further updates to it -- it is the finished product. I put it all together this morning, and just went back through and corrected the many spelling issues... I didn't get much sleep last night. Anyway, check it out and drop me a line if you want.