October 17, 2006

Be Cool, Stay in School

I posted my second article for Public Affairs Reporting below. The trend of writing about my (former best) friends continues, though it certainly ends here. It's tough for me to write about people I have known for ages, yet both articles turned out well. I got a 92 on the first one and a 95 on this one. Rey thought it worked better without the first three paragraphs, but it will apparently be run near-verbatim. Despite that, he still scrawled things like "You're a great writer, Andrew" on my hard copy.

To top that off, I'm being honored by the communications department at some point before I graduate. Apparently the top student in each department's graduating class is chosen and awarded a plaque and either a medal or cords (to be worn at graduation) and honored at a ceremony. I was chosen for the December graduating class. And yes, I asked if I'm the only person graduating (I'm not). So, that's cool. It's surprising, really.

Obviously, Dave knows who I am, as I've had him for like eight classes, and I've had Rey for three now, but I never saw myself as a standout in the department. Even when my writing has been great, I never made the extra effort to do things outside of class or be a leader or anything. To be commemorated for coasting through college is... just icing on the cake, really. If I have to give a speech, I promise I'll say "I defeated college."

I've been given a special assignment for my third article for Public Affairs Reporting, which is greatly appreciated, as I would have had to pick some heinous topic otherwise (like student drinking, or STDs... something miserable that I don't care about). The gaming club on campus is having a 24-hour LAN party this weekend, and I will be both covering the event and talking about the introduction of the game design major in the near future. I interviewed the professor who leads the group last year for another subject, so I have some background on it. Should be interesting; definitely up my alley.