January 09, 2007

December Recap

This is a little later than I planned, but here's the archive of December's published articles. I've been pretty busy with reviews and such over the past few days, so I haven't put a lot of thought into the ol' ARTIFLAV. I definitely plan on picking things up in the near future, and I also intend to post my famous (?) year-end lists that so many of you (?) get all worked up about. I should probably also update my recent happenings, as happenings are... well, they're happening.

Review: Elebits (Wii)
Review: Excite Truck (Wii)
Review: Super Swing Golf (Wii)
Review: Dave Mirra BMX Challenge (PSP)
Review: Lumines II (PSP)
Review: Asphalt 2: Urban GT (DS)
Review: Tomb Raider: Legend (DS)
Q&A: Rob Sandberg of Point of View (The Shield)

Static Multimedia:
Review: Viva Pinata (Xbox 360)
Review: Disko Polycarbonate Case for iPod
Review: Griffin BlueTrip LE for iPod
Feature: Advance Look - December 2006
Feature: Have it Your Way on Xbox

Highlights? Any of the game reviews are fine. I've been told that my feature about the Burger King games ("Have it Your Way on Xbox") made someone want to buy 'em, so that seems like an enthusiastic recommendation if I've ever heard one.