December 21, 2006


Oh hey, I graduated from college on Sunday. That's awesome.

Sorry, just keeping it brief for now. I'm going to enjoy the holidays and then figure out what the next steps are. I'm going to start sending out resumes and cover letters and such in January -- at least that's the plan. I have no interest in spending several months "pondering my future." I already know what I want in it, and I think I'm at a point (or damn near close to it) where I can make that happen.

But I'm still working on improving my work as much as I can; I wrote a review today that I thought came together pretty well. And I may be starting a blog with a fellow Lewis graduate in the very near future. Though this is technically a blog, it's really more of a portfolio for my writing and my progress in that regard. This new project will be more like an all-encompassing entertainment blog. I'll reveal more as it comes to fruition.


Anon said...

Hey, I finally got a non-1up blog. Check it out sometime.