June 30, 2006

Static Interactive

Check this out, it's fucking rad:

Static Interactive Vol. 1

Mike has been really slow about doing updates during the past week or so, but he said he was working a lot of things, potentially surprising. I'd say so. Along with a new header (which is much nicer), we now have Static Interactive. I don't know the details, but I deduce that it is a flash magazine of sorts, collecting some of our work from all sections of the site with great photography and style, along with a handful of advertisements.

I'm floored. Sometimes I wonder if the site looks too plain, and then this... this is grand. I've asked Mike to tell me all about it, and hopefully he does. I want to know what the plan is. Anyway, check it out. The Games pages have excerpts of my Nintendo DS Lite feature, as well as my review of New Super Mario Bros.

I see a lot of potential in this.