June 26, 2006


My sleep schedule has been majorly fucked lately, and since I try to get to sleep earlier than I can, I usually roll out of bed and waste time on the internet instead of doing something productive with the time. Tonight (this morning), it has been looking up jobs and apartments across the country.

Will I be able to find a writing career in gaming after I graduate? Is it too much to ask that I quickly find a job with a major publication? Some of the jobs I looked up are asking for two years writing for a publication -- one even specified two years in print. Well, shit. I feel like I'm making a lot of opportunities for myself -- at this level -- but will that be enough? I just hate to think I'll be sticking around here for more than a few months after graduation. Not that I hate it around here, but at that point, I will have suffered through five years of college... I'm ready for the big time.

Maybe it won't be California. Game Informer is in Minneapolis... working up there would be much, much cheaper... and then maybe I can consider Cali in a few years. I think about these things all the time, yet there's nothing I can do at this point. Once I graduate in December, I can start applying for writing jobs. Until then, I'm held captive by college and Romeoville.

I've sent out 30+ requests to publishers over the past three days. I'm anticipating an onslaught of responses in the morning. Glorious.