June 01, 2006

DS Lite; Games

Okay, so I got a DS Lite system today. I got four hours of sleep and woke up at 9:15am to drive to Sears in Joliet. They said the systems weren't in, but I think they were bluffing. So I drove up to the Aurora location, which had eight units before close yesterday. The guy in line in front of me got the last one; he had ordered it from Sears.com and did an in-store-pickup... apparently, that's the only way to get it. So, I sped home and ordered one from Sears.com from the Joliet location and picked it up within an hour. Amazing. I read online that other people who had ordered it from Sears were screwed over and told they had to wait ten days, but I somehow lucked out. Determination!

It's a beautiful system. Most of the issues I had with the original system have been resolved. It's smaller, sleeker, and simply feels better in your hands (much lighter, too). The screens are brighter, though the touch screen still has that fuzzy look to it (expected). The stylus is bigger, yet still fits in the system when not in use. And there's a port cover for the GBA port, which makes the thing much more comfortable on your fingers. I still think the face buttons are too small, but they're better than on the original DS. Basically, this is a better, more functional version of the DS, and should be owned for sure. New Super Mario Bros. is glorious; I just finished the first world. Brain Age is amusing; my brain age is 50! I was especially glad to get the system today because I'm going up to Wisconsin tomorrow for the weekend. Portable gaming is my friend...

So, games. Worked some magic today, and Atlus agreed to send me Steambot Chronicles and Metal Saga for PS2. Additionally, D3Publisher of America put me on the list for upcoming review copies, and will get back to me about sending the Naruto games that released this Spring (all above for Static). Finally, I sent a request for the next review games for WorthPlaying, and I asked for Hitman: Blood Money for Xbox 360 and Rogue Trooper for PS2. Judy just confirmed that I'm getting them. I almost asked for games last night... so glad I waited.