May 30, 2006

It Gets Better!

Of course it does. I'm looking around on WorthPlaying and see the link for MetaCritic, which is a well-known site that gives an average score for all types of media based on reviews from magazines, websites, etc. Then it hits me; if MetaCritic is on WorthPlaying, then WorthPlaying is on MetaCritic. That means I'm on MetaCritic. And I am! What a thrill for me, seriously. Man, I've gotta say... they're good at picking out quotes. Most of these are the big quotes from my reviews. Check it out:

Over the Hedge - GameCube
"One line in the game struck me as particularly amusing: One of the animals sarcastically asks, 'What's more fun than doing something over and over again?' I had to write it down, as it perfectly described my own attitude towards the title."

MX vs. ATV: On the Edge - PSP
"Aside from those pesky loading times, the game does a very admirable job of translating the console experience to a handheld system."

Tourist Trophy - PlayStation 2

"A well-made game, but one that lacks any kind of excitement for the casual gamer or non-enthusiast. As much as I love racing games, I had trouble mustering up any kind of genuine enthusiasm for this title."

Go! Sudoku - PSP
"The only real benefit I could find for buying a Sudoku game on the PSP is the ability to wirelessly download additional puzzles, free of charge."

Look at me, quoting myself. I don't post these kinds of things out of cockiness; rather, it's pure enthusiasm and excitement. I am truly thrilled by my own little advancements in the field. When I signed up to write for WorthPlaying, I don't think I realized how big it really is. I'm writing for them as much as possible. They want one review a week, but I'm on pace to do six a month. If I weren't working for Static, I could probably do more, but I definitely want to keep both jobs. While WP is currently a bigger opportunity, Static allows me to do more things in my own style, and could really become something while I'm there.

I can't wait until they pick a quote for my yet-to-be-posted review for Rampage: Total Destruction on PlayStation 2. I hope they pick this one: "Alright, here goes. Rampage: Total Destruction is a terrible game!"