April 21, 2006

Billboard Essay Up

My first Billboard essay is up on mtvU.com. Check the link on the right side of the page if you'd like to read it. I just read the winning essay, and I can totally see why it would be picked. It's much more direct and to-the-point than mine was, and it's well-written. I don't agree with all of the points in his second paragraph, but I was impressed by the first half. Most of the other essays are pretty solid too. Natalia's was interesting, Megan's was formal but sharp, and Benjamin's... well, he makes decent points, but I'm not a fan of the writing style.

When I wrote my essay, I figured it would be trite to just say "Music marketing is wrong because..." and just list off reasons. So I opted to tackle it in an indirect fashion, which may have hurt me in the end. Or maybe it's just not what they wanted. Or maybe they thought it sucked. I'm not too concerned. I should hopefully hear some feedback via the "virtual mentorship" Belle talked about. Next essay should be soon, I figure.