April 24, 2006

New Articles Posted

My new review is up at Static Multimedia:

Review: Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (PSP)

I've really been aiming to shorten some of my reviews lately, for two reasons. First, I don't want to write a sprawling, 1000+ word review each time I finish a game (especially when some reviews on that site are shy of 300 words). And second, many publications don't run large reviews. I've always seen it as tougher to write a short review, because you have to be very concise and only print the most important aspects. That said, 650 words is still a bit long. What I may do is write two reviews for some games; one of my standard length, and the other more like a blurb. We'll see.

Syphon Filter was pretty solid. Great graphics, decent gameplay, so-so controls. Very cinematic, which is unexpected on the PSP. I forgot to talk about the sound, but it's quite good. I'd give it a B- grade if I were posting it here (but as I mentioned before, if a site pays me or gives me the review materials, I'll just post the link).

Also, the online version of The Flyer just put up my article about Oscar films on DVD. The title got changed, but it should be the same article I posted a few weeks back. Figured I'd post the link, though.

The Flyer - The Films That Oscar Forgot