April 20, 2006

Billboard Update

Got the call from New York today. My first essay wasn't chosen to be published in Billboard Magazine.

As great as it would have been to have the initial essay published, it's really not a big deal. My essay was well-written, but I approached the subject from a less-direct viewpoint, so that may have negatively impacted me. It will be put up on mtvU this week, though.

Luckily, they're planning on doing this monthly for the summer, so I'll have multiple chances to get in. Also, I've been informed that it will be a "virtual mentorship program," which means that Billboard editors will read over our essays and give us writing tips. I've really been needing that kind of feedback lately, especially from people who have already been through this. I'll drop an update when I hear anything new.


Anonymous said...

Fuck those other assholes who entered the contest. Your shit was choice, theirs was rank garbage on fire.

P.S. The new M-O-B-B is solid