May 21, 2008

Reappear, Disappear

It's been forever since my last update, so here's the quick version:

- Last month was slow; this month's been a lot better, though it's been a bit of a grind at times. Been doing a lot of reviews for 1UP -- five so far this month, with another in the works. I'd only done three total for them prior to this month, so that's a big shift. I'm still seeking to do more preview stuff, so hopefully the recurring format idea I pitched will go through and get rolling soon. I submitted a spread for the August issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine today (nothing for the July ish, sadly), am getting more review work at GamesRadar after a quiet period, and am doing write-ups for What They Play when I can. Essentially, it's been a review-heavy month, which is fine, but certainly time-consuming. Hoping to work in more travel/event coverage and preview stuff soon, as variety is key.

- I fell in love with a girl. It's kind of great. And when I say "kind of great," I mean it's fantastic/unreal/world-beating/amazing. That's about all I'm sharing on my writing blog, but yeah, downright spectacular so far.

- I don't know what's up with E3 yet. I didn't receive an invite, so I e-mailed the ESA and found out that I'd been invited via a contributory position I held at a website last year, but apparently said invitation cannot be transferred over. Currently, that puts me in limbo, but there's still two months to go and I'm starting to fish for a fresh invitation. Pretty ridiculous, but that's the sitch as it stands.

- I'm way backed up on actually playing games, since the combination of writing full-time and seeing my lady as much as possible means legitimate free time is at a premium. I'm not complaining, since those are the most important things to me by far, but I'm still looking to find a bit more me time. PixelJunk Monsters Encore and Grand Theft Auto IV top my underappreciated list, and I'd like to play LostWinds, Echochrome, and Boom Blox. I'm also craving Skate and a bit of Rock Band.

So yeah, things are awesome.


Crystal Lynn said...

Hi, I just happened to stumble across this blog and saw that you write/used to write for Static MM website. Are you still doing that? I'm just curious what ever comes of that career-wise. I am doing it now in the print section, and while it's fun and keeps me practicing on my researching skills, etc., I'm nervous about where it will take me in the future. Any advice?