April 07, 2008

Fell Off the Map. Kinda.

It's been an embarrassingly long time since I updated this thing, and for that, I apologize. It wasn't really intentional -- just a combination of being constantly busy, traveling a bit, being sick off and on (mostly on) for several weeks, and trying to figure some things out.

I'm happy to say that things are incredibly well right now, both personally and professionally. I'm not going to do a point-by-point analysis of the last two months, but I've essentially been working as steadily as I've been able to all year, I'm emerging from my random sicknesses, and generally feeling pretty good about most everything. March was an odd month -- I felt kind of hazy for most of the month, and couldn't determine if it was a physical ailment (I had a sinus infection), some sort of physiological thing, or some kind of deep-seeded issue I needed to figure out. Ultimately? No clue. But I'm mostly feeling better and have resolved to overlook the small annoyances and get back to quality living. Someone awesome entered my life very recently, as well, which certainly has improved my mood and vigilance to stay positive.

So I've been keepin' on, doing what I can for my various outlets. The week before last, I produced nearly nine pages of content for the June issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, so look out for that if you can -- it'll be my fourth issue in a row of freelancing for the mag, and they were really pleased with what I just did, so barring unforeseen whatever I'll hopefully continue to contribute on a regular basis. Since then, I haven't had as much to do overall, simply because the first half of April is so dead for new releases. Luckily, that'll turn around soon enough, and there's always something I can do to keep me working, but I'm missing a bit of the usual variety. Ah well -- such is the life of a freelancer.


Anon said...

Good to see things are going well on all sides of the spectrum.