February 04, 2008

PTOM March: 2008 PS3 Game Planner

Just received the March issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and a quick look at the Contributing Editors listing reveals I had some hand in this issue. What is it?

The 2008 PS3 Game Planner -- the result of that crazy weekend project I worked on a few weeks back. When submitted, it was a monstrous Excel document; a listing of games, release dates, publishers, developers, and a short summary of each (along with a larger write-up for six prominent titles).

On paper, it looks amazing. Eight full pages of content, largely unchanged from what I submitted. It's a fantastic feeling to see yourself in print, and I'm definitely savoring this today. Probably grab a couple more issues whenever I see 'em next. Major props to the editors that transformed all that text into something far more compelling on paper. I'll buy you a drink whenever I get a chance to meet you guys.

Of course, as noted in my last entry, I have a pair of reviews going in the April issue, and we'll see what happens after that!

Elsewhere: I covered an MLB 08: The Show event last week for 1UP. I snapped a couple pictures and recorded a couple of interviews for the next episode of The Sports Anomaly podcast. Still working on a written preview, but that'll be up sometime in the near future. Good times and such.