June 09, 2007

Quick Bits

Here's a quick update on the crazy happenings of my life:

- I interviewed for a full-time position yesterday (over the phone). This is the same position I interviewed for back in February; I saw that they had another opening, so I contacted the EIC that I interviewed with previously. He got back to me right away, and we did the interview yesterday. I think it went extremely well, and I'm very, very excited about the possibility of having a full-time gig before E3. I should find out around Friday, and I may be seeing the EIC at one or more of the events I'm covering next week.

- The Santa Monica event on Thursday went well enough. I can't talk about what I played until Tuesday afternoon, but I'm putting together a trio of previews based on what I saw. I wrote one last night and just finished compiling my notes for the second -- will write that shortly. The third is the largest, so I may work on my notes tonight and then write it tomorrow evening. I woke up early on Thursday and walked down to the ocean; there were a lot of hobos on the beach. Not the worst place in the world to be homeless.

- On Monday, I'm heading to Oakland to start a wacky, five-night adventure of event coverage in California. On Tuesday, I'll be covering Microsoft and Namco Bandai events in San Francisco, then I'm flying to LAX on Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon is the Activision pre-E3 event in Santa Monica. On Thursday, I head to Los Angeles for an Electronic Arts event, then Friday contains between two and four events in Santa Monica. I don't even know. It looks like I'm coming home on Saturday afternoon. I don't know about the other events yet, but everything at the Activision event is embargoed for nearly a month. It makes you wonder why there's even a pre-E3 to begin with, but nobody really seems to know what the hell's going on with E3 this year, so I'll just roll with it.

More updates when they're available, folks.