January 25, 2008

Triple Shot

Did a trio of big articles for 1UP in the last week -- just wanted to call some attention to them.

Preview: Patapon (PSP): An interview-based, behind-the-scenes preview of Sony's curious little rhythm/action/strategy hybrid.

Review: Nitrobike (Wii): My first review for 1UP (hoorah!) -- call it Excite Truck with half the wheels and half the reasons to even bother with it.

Preview: Twisted Metal: Head-On: ETE (PS2): I interviewed David Jaffe last week! This is the transcript -- some pretty interesting responses in here.

Also: I'm doing some editing/posting for the 1UP news dept. now, which I believe makes me an Associate Editor... but that's largely inconsequential since I'm still freelance.

Plus, I'm doing a pair of reviews for the April issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, with the possibility of more work during the current issue cycle. Very excited about this; still waiting for the review builds though!

Still a few days left, but I've had an insane month. There was a pie-in-the-sky amount I thought I might approach if everything clicked into place, and now it looks like I'm going to top it by at least 10%. There's just been no slowdown this month, and with four outlets feeding me various opportunities, I can keep up this rate for the forseeable future. That's brilliant.