October 04, 2007

Intensity in Two Cities

The last week has been kind of ridiculous. It feels like I'm on a whole other plane of existence compared to where I was seven days ago.

On Friday, I finally landed my first review assignment at Games Radar. Regular readers (anyone?) will remember me talking about being added to a freelance rotation at a prominent site in May -- yeah, that was Games Radar. But their budget had been nonexistent all summer, and with the new fiscal year beginning this week, there's all sorts of work now.

Anyway, I grabbed Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire, played it all weekend, and submitted my review Monday. It just went up today (click the above link) and is essentially intact, minus light changes here and there and the removal of a couple specific references. Glad to have the work, but it may be a while before I can take another assignment.

Why? Because 1UP is sending me out on event coverage -- international event coverage, to boot. I'm not sure how much I can disclose, but next week, I'm heading up to Montreal for a night to spend significant hands-on time with one of the biggest fall releases. The article will be up next Friday, so look for that. And then the week after, I'm going to London (!) for a big event, which will probably drown me in articles to write in a very short amount of time. As much as 10-hour plane rides melt my brain at the mere thought, it's a massive opportunity and something I'm really looking forward to.

The next two weeks will be a blur. Feel free to call me afterwards to see if I'm still alive and well.


Anonymous said...

Montreal hardly counts as an international assignment as Canada is the 51st state, but London should be a good time.

Good luck, and don't forget that "pants" means "underwear" in Britspeak.