April 03, 2007

Should've Stayed

Hardly home for half a week and I've already got plans to head back to California. Almost immediately.

I'll be heading out to Oakland on Monday and covering events in the Bay Area for WorthPlaying until Friday. And I'll be crashing at my editors' place, so that should be interesting. Looks like I'll be covering large events for Capcom and Vivendi, with perhaps a publisher visit on the off day. Or an Oakland A's game.

(I'm secretly pulling for the A's game.)

Oops. I'll actually be heading up to Wisconsin this weekend to catch a Cubs/Brewers game in Milwaukee on Sunday, so I'll be away from home for almost a solid week. Man, I'm going to be busy. Before I head up to Wisconsin, I need to start (and finish) my Spidey 3 coverage, and I'd like to finish my Puzzle Quest review for Static. Seems doable. I'm heading up on Friday, so I've got three full days ahead in which to finish things up and start preparing for California -- again.

BTW, my Quake Wars coverage just went up. It's... big.