April 01, 2007

March Recap

Let's check out the March goods.

Review: MotorStorm (PS3)
Review: Dance Dance Revolution Universe (360)
Review: Def Jam: Icon (360)
Review: Major League Baseball 2K7 (360)
Review: SSX Blur (Wii)
Review: MVP 07 NCAA Baseball (PS2)
Preview: Tank Beat (DS)
Preview: The Fast and the Furious (PSP)
Feature: Spotlight - March 2007

Looks like that's everything. I didn't do quite as much as last month, but there are certainly reasons for that. I did a couple of much longer games (MLB and MVP) and didn't have any Q&As this month. Also, with the lead-up to the trip, I didn't have as much going on. Still, I'll have a ton of articles going up in April. I did not have anything for Static last month, but I've got something in the works right now that may be my final article for them (assuming I find some freelance work soon).

I went through some writer's block about mid-way through the month that was baffling and a bit of a struggle. I'm not sure what caused it or what cured it, but the last few articles have come a lot easier, thankfully. The April spotlight turned out rather well, and the Quake Wars preview I'm currently working on may be one of my most complete pieces to date, certainly on the preview end.