April 28, 2007


Good news -- starting Monday (or perhaps tomorrow night), I'll be blogging for Bits Bytes Pixels & Sprites, a gaming blog that is currently ranked in the top 100k in the Alexa Power Rankings. This in no way affects my work at WorthPlaying, though it almost certainly signals the end of my time at Static Multimedia. I had only contributed a few articles for Static since the beginning of the year, and I told my editor that I'd be done if I found another gig or started taking on some freelance work.

Anyway, I'm excited to start blogging. Writing news and blogging is one aspect of my writing that I have not been able to explore in some time, so I'm glad to have found a site that wants me and will allow me to have a public stage with which to spread more of my work. I will most likely be blogging on an almost-daily basis, so I'll be sure to add a link to the top of the page once my posts start going up.

In other news, there may be another extensive Bay Area trip in the works for the week after next. Nothing is confirmed yet, and it may ultimately go to another writer, but my name is in the mix and I'm pushing hard for it. By that time, I'll have finished all my articles from the last trip, and I'm definitely itching to get back out there.