February 05, 2007

The Great Catch-Up

I apologize for the extreme lack of updates lately. Here's a quick run-down of what's been happening over the last few weeks.

- I had a phone interview with IGN on Thursday. I'm hesitant to go into details at this point, but it seemed to go well, and I am supposed to hear back by the end of the week. I am very hopeful, but know that there are probably several others in the running as well. At the very least, it means that my stuff is good enough to be noticed by a professional publication, which is certainly a confidence boost.

- I also applied to several other publications, though not for any specific jobs. I applied for the IGN position early in the month and just heard back last week. The other publications did not have any listed openings, but I sent along my resume and cover letter and will keep tabs on their listings. I just applied for the other ones about a week ago, so it could be some time before I hear anything, should they have an opening.

- I left my position as the Games Editor of Static Multimedia at the end of December (though I was still finishing things up in January). Initially, it was thought that I would continue to contribute regularly throughout the site, but I doubt I'll be doing much from now on. There's been a lack of active communication on the part of their editors (except Eric, my recommended replacement), so I have lessened my role significantly. It seems more worthwhile at this point to concentrate on my work elsewhere.

- Should the IGN opportunity not work out, I will be seeking out additional freelance/contributor opportunities elsewhere to supplement my work at WorthPlaying. I contacted one place about a freelance spot and will increase the search if I don't find a full-time gig in the near future.

- On that note, WorthPlaying may have me cover some live events (perhaps in California) for them in the future, should I still be around. I would really rather be living out there and working in a full-time capacity, but if that doesn't happen, getting some experience at press events will be a fantastic opportunity. WP have been really fantastic to me, and have been absolutely invaluable in preparing me for the next step.

- I'm currently working on a preview of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters for PSP, with a review to follow. I got it on Friday and actually finished it last night... but I'm playing through it again. I kind of wish I'd written the preview before finishing the game, but it was somewhat brief and I was really into it. Ah well. Excellent game. I'm also reviewing the Nyko Frontman Wireless Guitar controller for the PlayStation 2. I've used it extensively over the last few days, and it truly is just as sharp as the official wired controllers... but the $60 tag is hard to swallow.

- Oh, and: What is DejaARTIFLAV? I'm not even sure yet. I intended to use it as a place for me to do a bit more free-form games writing, but I haven't kept up with it. At this point, I'm not sure what I'll do with it, if anything. It'll all depend on how things work out with the above opportunities.