October 01, 2006

September Recap, October Preview

Since I've only got the space for two links at the top of the page, I thought I'd do a monthly recap in case you missed anything of mine you wanted to check out. I didn't do as much writing for Static this month, but I did more for WorthPlaying. Anyway, here's everything of mine that went up in September:

Static Multimedia:

Feature: .hack//G.U. Full of Secrets
Feature: Naruto Back for Round Two
Feature: Advance Look - Sept. 2006
Review: Rule of Rose (PS2)
Review: Tekken: Dark Resurrection (PSP)
Review: Griffin MediaConnect Cable for iPod


Review: Pac-Man World Rally (PS2)
Review: LocoRoco (PSP)
Review: Juiced: Eliminator (PSP)
Review: Barnyard (GC)
Preview: WTF (PSP)

I've written three things lately that have yet to go up. My review of Okami for WorthPlaying is probably the best game review I've done to date. It's 1800+ words; pretty ridiculous, but I'm proud of it. Maybe that will go up tonight. I just wrote a review of the DVD release of Stick It for Static, which should go up soon. It's only the third film review I've written this year, but I thought it turned out rather well. Also, the story I posted a few days ago for my Public Affairs Reporting class may end up in an issue of The Flyer, so we'll see about that. I almost never write about "real-life" things, and it took me a while to get through...

But those three articles, all written in the last few days, seem to represent the best of what I've done lately. Naturally, it seems best to assume that your latest work is your best, and that you're always moving forward... but I really feel like I'm stepping up my game. As I gain a greater command of vocabulary and best practices in the industry, I feel like my work is improving steadily. Anyway, those articles should go up in the near future, and I'll link 'em when they're up. Otherwise, I'm working on Mega Man ZX and Contact for DS, the DVD release of The Wizard, and the October edition of the Advance Look feature.