October 11, 2006


I haven't updated in a while, but I don't expect this to be a trend. Static switched servers last week and I didn't have access to my work e-mail for a few days... so I took a vacation of sorts. How did I spend my free time? I watched a shitload of TV.

I watched all of The Office season two last week, and nearly all of Veronica Mars season two over the weekend. I'm also caught up on the new episodes of both series, and I started watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Friday Night Lights. Scrubs season four came out on DVD yesterday, so I've watched seven episodes of that so far, and I watched a couple of episodes of The O.C. season two in anticipation of the DVD release of season three in two weeks.

It was probably a reaction to the nearly two weeks spent only playing Okami, so it was a worthwhile trade-off. But I can't chill, because I have a stack of things to do. I'm working on these games this week:

God Hand arrives tomorrow, and has had wildly mixed reviews so far (3.0 from IGN, 8.0 from 1UP and GameSpot). It's from the guys who did Okami, so I wanted to give it a whirl. I'm about ready to review DDR: Supernova; should be a solid review. It has the best soundtrack of any American DDR release to date. I'm liking Saints Row, but it's not something I'm going to bust my ass to finish. I may just work on it bit by bit for a few weeks and deliver something in November. I've already played a couple of hours, but I don't feel compelled to finish it quickly. THQ sent it to us over a month after its release, and while appreciated, I don't see the need to rush it publication.

I also need to deliver a review of Contact for DS next week, so I am slowly plugging away at that. I tried to find someone else to take it, but I've pretty much stuck myself with it. I don't typically play a lot of RPGs, but this one seemed different, like it would be hilarious and therefore worth my time. So far, it's not particularly funny or interesting, but I'm not very deep into it. D3Publisher of America sent me a preview copy of their upcoming movie-based game Flushed Away for PS2, so I played through the demo levels yesterday and wrote up a preview for Static. That should be going up shortly as a feature. Pretty solid game from what I played.

I've got some things to finish for school, and while I'm not the type to "freak out" over stress, I do tend to think about my obligations a bit much. I just need to finish them and get 'em out of the way and off my mind.

Oh yeah, and I'm getting a loaner Zune from Microsoft at some point so I can write up something for Static. Asked last night and found out today, but have no clue when I'll get it. The list is apparently long, so it could be some time after the thing launches. Ah well.