August 21, 2006


I am so uninterested in returning to school in a week. Fuck. My tenth semester, what a joke. Yet my GPA is at its highest peak and I will graduate in December, undoubtedly with honors. It's not like the semester will be difficult or even terribly time-consuming: I'll only be in a classroom for six hours a week, tops. And I don't attend class with great regularity, so that number will probably average out to about 4/wk. I'm just ready to be done.

Things are fine otherwise. In fact, things are really coming together on Static. I've recruited three more writers in the last two weeks, bringing the total of Games writers (including me) to seven. We could probably use one or two more, so inquire if you're good with the games and the words. On Wednesday, I conducted a two-hour AIM interview with Zach Meston of Atlus USA, which went incredibly well. That should be posted... soon (it's done, but Mike takes his sweet time doing updates sometimes). I also did an e-mail interview with someone from Tomy (publisher of the Naruto games) and got those answers back. Then today, I did a conference call with Namco Bandai about their new Fast and the Furious games, and I was able to ask some very good questions. During the first conference call (One Piece), I was a bit nervous, but this time was no sweat. I've become a lot better at interviewing and asking the smart questions.