May 04, 2006

WorthPlaying, College, Summer

I've agreed to write reviews for WorthPlaying. I don't think it's the best looking site out there, but it's huge and apparently well-known. My reviews will be listed on Game Rankings and counted towards the total percentage. I'm supposed to be sent a list of games to choose from, which I'm eagerly anticipating. I'm honestly hoping to regularly review junk games. Not that I really want to play bad games, but I'm sure as hell not going to buy them. They mentioned occasionally "taking one for the team" and reviewing supposedly bad games, and I told them I'd rather review a bad game for a console instead of a great game for the PC. Computer gaming isn't my thing, and I don't want it to be. So I'd rather focus on console reviews, and hopefully I can do that. Will post again when I figure out which games I'm initially getting for review.

I had my last regular day of the semester today, and I have no actual finals next week. I do have to write two papers, though, and show up during the final period to present one of them. After four and half years, I've lost all interest in college. Today, in Ethics, I left an hour early to go get a haircut. I was just sitting there, bored out of my mind, and thought that getting my hair cut would be a better use of my time. It's sad. Thirteen credit hours in the fall and I'm done for good. What makes my final semester bearable is a total lack of gen-ed classes. Done! Two journalism classes, an internship, (hopefully) an independent study, and a 1-credit-hour assignment for my Italy trip. Should be alright.

Despite my indifference and lack of interest, my GPA has risen for (I think) four consecutive semesters, and has the potential to rise again. I'm currently sitting at a 3.47. Best case scenario for this semester is likely a 3.6; worst case is probably a 3.2. I really never know until I get my grades. Last semester, I thought I would be in the lower 3's and I ended up with almost a 3.9. Total insanity. I don't really care too much about grades; I just always do well enough with minimum effort. Though I'd definitely like to keep that (rounded up) 3.5 through graduation.

I've been excessively lazy in regards to planning my summer lately, so I have no internship lined up initially. And I may end my career at GameStop in the near future (we got a new manager, so we'll see), so setting up an internship soon is again a priority. Even if I don't get one set up until the fall, I still have plenty in savings, plus the little I make from writing and eBay sales. Toss in forthcoming student loans for the fall and a couple of credit cards, and I can make it for several months without working. But I'd rather stay at GameStop until I move or take on a serious writing gig.

So, this summer, I intend on writing a lot. WorthPlaying will hopefully provide me with a steady stream of games to review, and Static can hopefully dig up some more. It sounds pretty good to me, actually. Then I shall be heading to Italy in late July. I plan on bringing several newer portable games with me, and then I'll unleash some reviews when I get back to the homeland. Classy plans, indeed.