May 12, 2006

Update on Everything

This past week has been insane. Luckily, school is done. I haven't gotten all of my grades yet, but it looks like I've somehow pulled off a 3.7 or so for the semester, which should put my cumulative at just over 3.5. Glorious. I got an A for my Journalism Practicum and a B+ in Ethics (amazing) already, and I'm expecting an A in Feature Writing, an A-/B+ in Horror Film, and a B for my one-credit Making Movies seminar. I've been coasting for the last three or four years. I win at college. One semester left, and it will be amazingly easy. Aiming for straight-A's.

Also, big news: I quit GameStop. For the third (and final) time. I gave my two weeks notice and will finish out next week (though I'm hoping to give my hours away for next Saturday). With the recent management changes, it seemed like the right time to cut loose. Just in time to enjoy my summer, too. I have plenty of money saved up and can make it through the summer without a job until my student loans come through in the fall. However... when I got home on Wednesday, I e-mailed Mike from Static Multimedia and mentioned that I'd have more free time this summer. He e-mailed me back with an offer of sorts to work on the site in a more involved role. Of course I'm interested; regardless of what it will pay (I haven't heard back from him yet), it's a job I can do from home, and it's valuable experience. Will update when I've got all the details.

I've been blazing through the review copies that I currently am in possession of. I wrote the review of Go! Sudoku for WorthPlaying already; sent that off yesterday. It hasn't gone up yet, but I know that they're busy with E3. Should know soon what the next games I'll get will be. I moved onto Tourist Trophy last night, and played a bit more of it today. I'm hoping to review that on Monday or Tuesday. I also started Driver: Parallel Lines for Static, but that should take me into late next week, maybe longer. I have no clue how long it is.