March 26, 2006

Transporter 2 UMD Review

Static Multimedia - Transporter 2 UMD Review

Looks good, feels good. Glad to have my work being posted somewhere. Should have some links for my game reviews within the next couple of days. I wrote my Billboard essay today. I think it turned out rather well. Still waiting on opinions from a couple of friends, then I'll be sending it off. Will post a link when it's available for viewing online. Supposedly my "profile" at will be up tomorrow, a concept that is marginally frightening. Haha.

Also... just found this out. Apparently, the finalists of the MTV contest are going to be writing an essay each month for possible inclusion in Billboard Magazine. This means two things (both excellent). First, if I don't get picked for the first essay, I've got a great shot of being picked over the next few after that. And second, even if I do get picked for the first essay, I may get multiple articles published. How fucking rad would that be? Rad enough to make me use the word "rad!"