November 17, 2007

...said Andrew Hayward, freelance video game reviewer.

I've seen and done some strange and unexpected things in my time as a writer, but this was still a bit odd to me:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Rock Band video game hits Atlanta"

"'I think Rock Band is what the hard-core gamers are more excited about,' said Andrew Hayward, a freelance video game reviewer. 'It does bring so much more into the fold.'"

I don't know that the second line is verbatim (I'm more of a "It brings" kind of guy), but indeed, I was interviewed by another journalist for a story. He contacted me last week about it after seeing my drum-based preview for 1UP from a few months back, and we spoke on the phone briefly about Rock Band and Guitar Hero III. And I'm from the Chicago area, so it's not even a local thing. Kind of odd, but anyway, something else to toss in the ol' memory bank.

Speaking of Rock Band -- the store I reserved it at isn't doing a midnight launch (WTF), but the one 20 minutes from there is; luckily, my friend reserved it at the second store, so I believe we'll be jamming shortly. And then I'll pick up mine in the a.m. and drum until my arms bleed. Yes, bleed. It seems plausible.


Anon said...

That's pretty insane. You're not only out there doing your thing at 1up, but the mainstream media is coming to you for quotes. Nicely done.