September 05, 2006


I just submitted my review for Tekken: Dark Resurrection on PSP. When published, it will be my 50th game review that I've put out there, with all but one of those coming in the last six months. And to think, I wasn't doing a damn thing with writing a year ago. Just plugging away at that degree assuming I'd be all set when I graduated. But now I feel like I know my writing skills much better, and I will have a pretty sweet heap of work accumulated when I'm sending out resumes three months from now. That number doesn't include all of the feature articles I've done for Static, and the contributions I've made to the Gear, Music, and Movies sections as well.

Otherwise, I'm working on Rule of Rose. It ships next Tuesday, so I need to finish it up by then. Shouldn't be a problem, but it's been kind of a boring experience so far. I'm still playing Dead Rising, despite finishing and reviewing it weeks ago. There are so many ways to play through the game that I don't see myself completely tiring of it for quite some time. I'm expecting a review copy of LocoRoco for PSP to come my way soon (for WP), and I've got Bomberman: Act Zero for Xbox 360 coming soon for Static (oh joy). I don't know what else -- it's kind of a crapshoot when it comes to requesting games. Some are sent, some aren't... you deal. Griffin are supposed to be sending me a bunch of iPod accessories to review, and Microsoft said they'd send me the Xbox Live Vision Camera once they get more in. It's about time that we get some content for the Gear section of Static.

I need some hot new records to leak. I've been spending my time listening to The Smiths, Rilo Kiley, and everything Ben Gibbard. Which are all great, but c'mon... bring me back to 2006, already.