September 04, 2006

Revised Top 5 of 2005

See, I'm already posting more.

I can't make a "final" determination of what my favorite albums of 2005 are because:

A. I still find out about albums from last year that I missed out on
B. The longevity of an album is exceedingly tough to determine on short notice
C. My tastes expand constantly

But I've been thinking about this for a while, and these are the albums from last year that I still listen to a regular basis. These are the albums that I love. Luckily, the top three is largely unchanged, though I swapped the 2nd and 3rd ranked albums. Those two are so close, it's hard to say which I enjoy more. They appeal to wholly different sides of me, but both are brilliant. My appreciation for the Death Cab album has only increased since late last year, so I had to give it the edge this time. Jack's Mannequin is still my #1... I can't imagine placing anything above it from last year. It meant a lot to me last year, and I still listen to it on a regular basis. I will hopefully be seeing them in November, which will just validate the pick entirely. Or destroy it.

As for the bottom two, those are new picks. On my original top five, it was Panic! at the Disco and The Rocket Summer as my fourth and fifth picks, respectively. Well, I burned out completely on P!atD, and The Rocket Summer completely fell off of my radar. Both are still enjoyable albums, but neither hung around long enough to be an ultimate favorite of mine. Surprisingly, the Fall Out Boy disc (which had ranked #10) somehow shot up my list and became a real favorite of mine. It's weird to me because sometimes success and overexposure can kill a record for me, but this is quite the opposite. As for my #5, it was listed as a Runner-Up in the original list, but I speculated that it could become a Top 10 pick with time (since I had just started listening to it). I do believe it has. Maria Taylor writes (and sings) some of the most emotive tracks I've heard from anyone, and I find most of the songs to be rather irresistable. She played a handful of great new tracks when I saw her this past Spring, so that will be one of the many, many albums I'm eagerly anticipating in 2007.