September 13, 2006

The Hotness

Here are the next games I'll be reviewing for WorthPlaying:

I'm psyched. I had reserved a copy of Okami at EB Games, but now I'll be saving $40. On top of that, these are the first steady games that WP have gotten from Capcom in ages. As Judy said, I'll be the ambassador, therefore I need to make them long and detailed. It's a challenge I'm willing to accept. WorthPlaying has a much larger audience than Static, so as long as I continue to work for both, I'll probably be looking to do more reviews for WP than Static. This is an odd situation, as I am paid by Static to run the Games section.

However, Mike said (when promoting me) that he saw me moving to more of a management position in time, and I intend to fulfil that notion. I'll still review games, but I'm going to be a bit pickier about what I review. So long as we have enough writers, I'd rather dole out the stuff to others and do more written work for WorthPlaying.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed on Friday, so I'm going to be all sorts of fucked up this weekend. I'm in a rush to finish stuff by then. I'm going to write my LocoRoco review in a bit, and then hopefully come up with the questions for the BoundlessPlanet interview. Tomorrow, I need to write my essay for the mtvU contest and take a conference call about the new .hack game. I may also try to review Pac-Man World Rally if I have enough time to work on it. I need to write a paper about the Italy trip for Monday, but I think I'll put that off until Sunday. It doesn't matter if it sucks; just needs to get done.