April 06, 2006

Static Multimedia Updates

Well, I guess the database is mostly fixed, since all of my submitted articles are now up on Static Multimedia. Yay. The reviews still don't show up on the main listing... I'll have to mention that to Mike the next time I send him something. Here's the newly published stuff:

Feature: Xbox 360 Buyer's Guide
Review: Full Auto (Xbox 360)
Review: Fight Night Round 3 (Xbox 360)
Review: Guitar Hero (PS2)

If you read this blog regularly, you've already seen the reviews. The Xbox 360 Buyer's Guide features both halves (the first of which was on here already; the second which should be in an upcoming issue of The Flyer) combined and revised to be one definitive article. Some of my articles got smashed together, but it doesn't change the content, so I'm not complaining.

Tonight's concert was excellent, and I'll be writing a review of it for Static in the next 48 hours, likely. There's no guarantee they'll publish it; my focus is gaming, and this is just something I volunteered to the guy who heads up the music section. He said if it's solid, he'll put it up. Will update if that happens. I won't be writing about tomorrow's Say Anything show, though, as I'll be skipping the first half.