April 05, 2006

Feature: Advance Look - April 2006

Static Multimedia - Advance Look: April 2006

There's the preview article I did for April. It's not an official column, but I'll be doing it monthly. Next on the horizon is a review for Burnout Revenge, and maybe Black. I also submitted my combined/revised Xbox 360 Buyer's Guide, so hopefully that'll go up soon, along with the other reviews I've submitted.

Also, I may be contributing some music stuff occasionally to Static. I'm going to a couple of shows this weekend... I was going to review them for The Flyer, but I'm going to offer them to Static first. If they want to use them, right on. If not, it goes to The Flyer. See, I can be economical with my time!

After the two days of concerts, I've got Saturday-Monday completely off... expect some writing.