March 21, 2006

March Listening Habits

I may be aiming more towards gaming journalism, but I'll still be talking music on this blog. Right now, I'm being sent the new Saves the Day, which I am highly anticipating. So thanks for that, Billy. If anyone wants to know how it is, ask me later.

I really haven't gotten into any new albums since the February Listening Habits post. I have listened to several new albums, but none have really caught on. Here's a sampling: Isobel Campbell, Neko Case, Teddy Geiger, Ghostface Killah, Sondre Lerche, Rookie of the Year, and Tom Vek.

The new Starlight Mints album sounds really good. I haven't gotten into the lyrics much, but the instrumentation is so appealing that I've played it more than I realized. I also like what I've heard of the last This Providence record. They just signed to FBR/Decaydance (I believe), so that should be something to look forward to. Also, I've slowly been getting into The Roots, after seeing Dave Chappelle's Block Party recently. I'll definitely check out their new album this year.

I've still been listening to a lot of Matchbook Romance, as well as Fall Out Boy. I also got on a Phantom Planet kick, since it'll be a while until their new album drops (probably third quarter). The acoustic Bayside album is alright, but I won't buy it. The live My Chemical Romance disc isn't so great, and the b-sides don't impress either. But I may pick it up for the two DVDs. We'll see on that one.

That's about it for now. I've been listening to a lot of random playlists lately since no single record has been rocking me lately. Hopefully the Saves the Day will. And seriously, where the fuck is the new Taking Back Sunday leak...


Anonymous said...

very welcome on the STD.
(that's Saves The Day, i promised i'd never give you a Sexually Transmitted Disease)

glad to see you been listening to the Rookie Of The Year album.

This Providence is pretty good, but i think they are gonna be overshadowed by Forgive Durden, who sounds very similar and are signed to the same label.

And i'll be all over the TBS leak as soon as it happens. Can't believe it hasn't leaked yet though.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, despite the obvious Mew/David Ford kicks I've been on of late, I don't think the Phantom Planet kick has ever left me.

At least, not since I got into Self-Titled. It is not, I repeat, not possible to go without listening to it at least every other day.

Every day is preferable. ^_^.