March 19, 2006

Hey, I'm a Game Reviewer

Well, yeah. But now I'm writing for more than just my blog and 1Up reader reviews.

I've agreed to write for Static Multimedia, a growing Chicago-based entertainment journalism site. Their games section is woefully out-of-date, so I'll be contributing reviews, starting with my latest three (Mega Man, Fight Night, Full Auto). Straight from their media kit:

"Static Multimedia, an online entertainment network covering Film, Games, Gear, Music and Print, has attracted top industry writers contributing to such publications as Entertainment Weekly, The Onion, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, Billboard, Dog Magazine, United Stations Radio, Fox News Channel, NBC Radio, NBC TV, and

Static is dedicated to providing quality content. Without it, who really cares what you're offering. The web can be an endless wasteland of dead ends for consumers and advertisers trying to find one another. You're either adding to that e-pit or providing a creative environment that brings like-minds together. Static Multimedia fashion's itself as the light at the end of that tunnel.

Based in Chicago, IL on the historic Magnificent Mile, Static provides an eclectic mix of what is going on in mainstream and underground pop culture arenas. We offer readers an honest and in-depth look at personal interviews, reviews, and news items. We'd like to give Generation X, Y, and Z what Rolling Stone, Playboy, and Time Magazine gave the 50's, 60's, and 70's. No apologies. No compromises."

I like their attitude. If it's hype, I'm buying into it. Their music and movies sections are very current and contain well-written articles, so I'm hoping to help turn the gaming section into something worthy of their company. I'm not being compensated initially, but it's not a big deal for me. It'll give me a larger audience upon which to spread my work.

Also, I'll be sent games and such to review, which will be extremely helpful. Actually, they're sending me the UMD of Transporter 2 this week to review. Heh. But seriously, anything's cool with me. I'll post up links to the site and my work when they're ready (hopefully tomorrow).


Anonymous said...

yo, get me some free shit mang!

Andrew Hayward said...

Become a writer... mang!

Anonymous said...


...and i'll be sending you all the advance music you can handle.