November 07, 2005

A Mission Statement of Sorts

I am a fourth-year college student majoring in print journalism. I've been writing for years, but in the last year, I've written only one article. Why? Without purpose, I struggle to find a reason to keep writing. I am no longer writing for the school newspaper (which has seen better days, sorry), and I dissolved my commitment to gaming websites as of last December. Again, no purpose, no reason.

As I approach my final year of college, I've realized that I will need to find a voice within my writing, which is a difficult proposition if I'm not... well, writing. At all. And I've never thought it appropriate to just ramble on about entertainment on my personal blog or on MySpace. Thus, I've created this blog as a seperate entity from any personal sites I maintain. The content here will be for the public and will not delve into my personal life much, except when necessary.

This may not be the most exciting introduction, but I'll let my writing speak for itself.

Whenever I get around to it.