May 08, 2007

San Diego

Which, I'm told, is German for "a whale's vagina."

I'm headed there on Monday to cover some kind of Sony event, though it hasn't been made clear what will be shown or when I'll be working. I fly out Monday around noon and land in San Diego at about 2pm (PST). I chose an earlier flight, so I should have a couple hours to get situated and somewhat comfortable before some gathering on Monday evening. Will probably be busy for much of the day on Tuesday, and then I've got things until 3pm on Wednesday. Catching a flight around 7pm, and I won't be back until nearly 1am (CST). I would have seen about just getting a flight on Thursday, but a member of my immediate family is having surgery on Thursday and I wanted to be back for that.

Anyway, I have just one preview left to finish from the last trip, and I'm winding down on a review copy of Burnout Dominator (PS2). I'll probably start playing Spider-Man 3 (360) tomorrow, with the hopes of finishing it before I leave for San Diego, but I suppose that all depends on how much time I have later in the week. Shouldn't be an issue.

I'm thinking about jumping on the BBPS Podcast in the near future, if they'll have me. I've never been a big fan of podcasts, but I like what I heard of last week's show (where they showed me a lot of love), and I think it comes with the territory as a new staff blogger. So I'm down.