March 12, 2007

California Love

Going on my first business trip, kids. I'll be heading out to Los Angeles in two weeks to attend a pair of Activision events for upcoming titles. Not entirely sure about the travel dates yet, but the events are on the 28th and 29th. I'll be checking out Spider-Man 3 and Quake Wars: Enemy Territory for various platforms. I'm uh, psyched out of my mind right now, and really looking forward to it. For all the work I've done from my basement, it's something like this that'll really validate me as being a working member of the industry, at least in my mind. Anyway, that'll be amazing.

Currently working on MotorStorm (PS3) and Major League Baseball 2K7 (Xbox 360) for review; both are pretty great. Doing a conference call for The Fast and the Furious (PSP) on Wednesday. I did a call for the PS2 version for Static last fall, but this one is for WorthPlaying. The last one resulted in a pretty solid article, so we'll see what's what with this one. I'm also playing God of War (as the sequel hits stores tomorrow), and will be playing around with Spider-Man 2 (GC) in the near future in preparation for the trip.

Nothing new on the job front. I haven't seen any full-time positions pop up since the IGN thing didn't work out, and the (paid) freelance gigs I've applied for haven't yet panned out. If any of you see openings at major gaming sites, or any gaming/tech/entertainment blogs, please let me know via comment or IM. I'm mainly looking for a full-time position in games writing, but am willing to consider any other freelance or part-time positions in the meantime. Thanks, all.