December 02, 2006

November Recap

Oh man, I did a lot last month.

Review: Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam (Wii)
Review: Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (Wii)
Review: Call of Duty 3 (360)
Review: Tony Hawk's Project 8 (360)
Review: Need for Speed: Carbon (360)
Review: Bully (PS2)
Review: Gunpey (PSP)
Review: Gitaroo Man Lives! (PSP)
Review: Power Stone Collection (PSP)
Q&A: Pete Hines of Bethesda (Rogue Warrior)

Static Multimedia:
Q&A: Stephen Randall of Playboy Magazine
Feature: J.J. Redick on College Hoops 2K7
Feature: Advance Look - November 2006
Review: Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (360)
Review: Test Drive Unlimited (360)
Review: Naruto: Ninja Council 2 (GBA)

Though I did the lion's share of my work for WorthPlaying this month (and will likely continue to do so), if you only want to read a couple of the articles, please check out the Q&A with Stephen Randall of Playboy Magazine and the feature about the conference call I did with J.J. Redick (of the Orlando Magic) for College Hoops 2K7.