May 21, 2006


I finished Over the Hedge and wrote the review for WorthPlaying today. I really want Static Multimedia to be successful, especially since they're paying me and I'm doing the bulk of the games writing, but WorthPlaying is already big and well-known. I find myself speeding to get my reviews done for them quickly because I know they'll be seen by more people, and I know the site is willing to send me more games to review when I need them.

With Static, I am the one in charge of getting the games sent to us... granted, I've held that position for less than a week, but I haven't had luck yet. And the readership isn't too hot, so that doesn't help me out. Game Rankings wouldn't add us, which was kind of a bummer. Oh well. Gotta keep plugging away and something will come of it. We really need to get a regular flow of product, then we can add extra writers. Until then, it looks to be me and whatever I can acquire or purchase.