May 20, 2006

Latest Articles

Will post a status update of sorts tomorrow if I remember. For now, here are this week's articles. It looks like I'll be doing an average of four articles per week from now on, so there will be much to read. Enjoy.

Review: X-Men: The Official Game (360)
Review: PodsPlus Aluminum Case
Review: Tourist Trophy (PS2)
Feature: Xbox Live's E3 Extravaganza
Concert: Fall Out Boy - Chicago, IL
Feature: E3: Condensed

If you only read one, check out the Tourist Trophy review. I'm really proud of how it turned out, and it's my first article posted on WorthPlaying. To have my review affect the average percentage of a game at Game Rankings seems like a pretty big deal to me. Can't say I've hit the big time, but I'm making serious strides. If I continue this pace through graduation, I should have no problem finding the career I want.