March 30, 2006

Writing Update

I'm in the middle of a handful of projects, so I figured I'd post a small update.

I've agreed to write some feature-length articles for Static Multimedia, which I will be compensated for. It's not a large amount, but again, I'm not terribly concerned. My money is fine right now; I'm mostly interested in getting a variety of work out there. My first feature article will be a longer review of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, which will focus on the re-release culture in media. I started writing it last night, but was too drowsy to get what I wanted. I plan on writing it tomorrow. Read on...

For the next issue of the Lewis Flyer (which publishes next Friday), I will be preparing two stories. The first is a feature article about three Oscar-nominated films that were recently released on DVD. I'll be doing a small write-up of each within the article, focusing on the bonus matierals as well as the actual films. The second article will be the second half of my Xbox 360 Buyer's Guide. Both are expected for Monday. In addition, I will be combining the two halves of my Xbox 360 article for Static Multimedia, to be published as my second feature article.

For Tuesday's Feature Writing class, I have yet another article due. It's supposed to be a personal experience story, but I've not decided upon a topic. I'm considering writing about the mtvU/Billboard Competition, though it still seems a bit too recent (and incomplete) to reflect on. Still, I think Dave was okay with it, so if he e-mails me back an okay, I will write it.

So, essentially, I have roughly five articles to write in the next four days. Luckily, I'm free tomorrow, Saturday, and Monday... so I'll be fine. Though Monday will also feature several hours of baseball watching! Anyway, once that whirlwind of writing is complete, the next article I have in mind is a review of Burnout Revenge for Xbox 360. Expect that late next week.

I'll still have two more articles due for my Journalism Practicum this semester, and I've already picked topics for those. The first will be a joint review of two concerts I'm attending next week: Mates of State/Maria Taylor at Metro on Thursday, and Say Anything at Beat Kitchen on Friday. I've not written a concert review in ages, so it should be interested. Are Metro and Beat Kitchen both cool with cameras? If anyone knows, leave a comment. I'd like to get a picture or two at Metro, at least.

The last article for the practicum should be a review of Kingdom Hearts II for PlayStation 2, which will also be given to Static Multimedia for publication. It's a 30-40 hour game... it came out Tuesday, and I'm almost six hours into it. My plan is to complete it by mid-April, so that I can have a review done for one of the last issues of the Flyer. I intend on playing at least ten hours of it over the next two days.

So that's the plan for the next month or so. I've got a total of nine articles lined up (including another one for Feature Writing) by the end of April, plus anything else that pops up in the meantime. I may be asked to write another essay for mtvU/Billboard by the end of the month, so that'll be just another thing on my to-do list. Comments/suggestions... you know the drill.


Steve said...

You can get away with a point & shoot digicam at either venue, I'm sure--just slip it in your pocket. Beat Kitchen is cool with SLRs as far as I know. It was the last time I was there, and I'm banking on it to be again when I see Say Anything.