March 16, 2006

MTVu Journalism Competition

This is important, read it. Thanks.

I got a call this afternoon on my cell phone from a 212 area code. That's New York. I was pondering letting it go to voicemail, but I picked up. "Hello, is this Andrew?" "Sure is." "Hi, this is Belle from MTVu..."

That's all I needed to hear. See, a couple months ago, I stumbled upon a writing competition at the MTVu website. I was asked three questions about music and the industry: "If you were given $5 million to start a record label, what would you do;" "If you could create the portable music player of your dreams, what would it be like;" and "If you could be any musician alive, which one and why?" I submitted the form, put it in the back of my mind, and that was that.

And bam, I'm a finalist.

As one of five finalists, I've won a subscription to Billboard magazine. More importantly, I'll be given a final essay to write. If my essay is picked as the winning one, it will be published in Billboard! For a journalism student on the verge of graduation, there's no better prize. Even if I don't win, this will still look nice on my resume: "Finalist in 2006 MTVu Journalism Competition." Or something to that effect.

So I'm pretty pumped. I'm expecting forms within the next week to fill out, as well as the essay assignment. I doubt I'll be able to put up my final essay until it is (or isn't) published, but I'll provide a link or something whenever possible. Thanks for your continued support, guys.


Anonymous said...

Amazing sweet dude, you diserve it with your amazing writting and if you win your taking me to dinner!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to say, "I knew Andy when...". Tim should buy YOU dinner! He should also learn to use better grammar.

Anonymous said...

George's comment= a 10 on my give-a-shit-o-meter.