November 28, 2005

Random Update

I've been too busy with various things lately to bother writing anything. I worked a ton of hours last week, and any hours that weren't spent at work or with friends were spent playing the Xbox 360. I didn't think I'd be getting it so soon, but it's spectacular. I'll make sure to throw wave after wave of praise at it in a future post. Good things all around.

I picked up the John Mayer Trio live CD "Try!" on Tuesday on a whim, and I'm really digging it. I like the Mayer... not as an album-artist, but as more of a singles guy. I thought the first two tracks on his last album were excellent, but I can't say I ever made it all the way through. But the live disc is a new direction for the Mayer, a bluesy rock record that's both energetic and classy. "Another Kind of Green" is my current favorite track, featuring the classic line, "you're not the perfect hand, but I don't hit on nineteen." Best blackjack alusion I've heard in ages, for sure.

I didn't really intend to keep my album of the year secret. In fact, I'd love for everyone who reads this to check it out. It would be... "Everything in Transit" by Jack's Mannequin. I'm still listening to it excessively. I've got the entire album within my top twenty most-played tracks on iTunes. It's really taken me over lately, and I can't wait for them to start touring again (now that Andrew has overcome leukemia).

That's all for now. I wouldn't expect too many more posts until after Christmas, actually. I'll have quite a bit to throw together for class until the end of the semester, and then I will be spending a week and a half in Hawaii. I'll make sure to get up some Xbox 360 impressions and perhaps an album review before I take off, though. As usual, hit me up with any feedback if you've got it.